Trayton Jefferey Hunt
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 30
Birthplace Jasper, Alberta, Canada (Earth)
Residence Deep Space Nine
Alias Tray, TJ
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Family Information
Mother Sierra Marie Hunt
Father Colin Alexander Hunt
Siblings Kerri-Lynn Jessica Hunt (Younger Sister)
Significant Other (s) {{{spouse}}}
Other N/A
Career Information
Affiliation Starfleet
Division Command
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Occupation Strategic Operations Officer
Player Information
Face Claim Hugh Jackman
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Like most Starfleet officers Trayton is very rarely seen out of his immaculately kept uniform. Like most who share his training, he carries himself confidently. Because of the career paths he has taken through his years in Starfleet Trayton keeps himself in peak physical condition. Even though he does not get to enjoy using his major as much as he would like, he knows that even archaeology and his career as a Starfleet officer can be physically grueling.

Unlike most Starfleet Officers, he does keep his hair a little longer than most do. Aside from that, Trayton can be seen normally with a smile on his face. When around Cardassians however, a very different side of Trayton is apparent and he often makes no effort to hide his dislike for them.


As any other Command Officer in Starfleet, Trayton is very confidant in his training and in himself. While he knows he is not perfect, Trayton knows to ask for help when he needs it. It is because of knowing his own faults that have allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks.

While Trayton has been known for his iron will and levelheadedness, Trayton deep down is a jokester who was well know among his previous shipmates for his practical jokes and witty one liners. Even among those under his command, he is still the first to share a joke or funny story and it is because of his friendly nature combined with his ability to lead his officers wisely that has gained him much respect throughout Starfleet and the Federation.


Born to Colin and Sierra Hunt in Jasper, Alberta, Canada on August 15, 2339, Trayton spent most of life living in the small town with big dreams. Even though both his parents were archaeologists Trayton spent his time in Jasper under the care of his grandmother Kae. Like his parents Trayton was fascinated by archaeology and spent a lot of his spare time studying the subject. Trayton's grandmother admired her grandson's dedication to his archaeology studies, but had wanted him to be exposed to more social and creative activities as well. As such, Tray was enrolled in dance lessons, musical and vocal lessons, and hockey. Though he enjoyed all of those, exoarchaeology was still his first passion and wanted to travel the galaxy exploring the the ruins of various cultures. Tray knew the best way to fulfill his dreams was through Starfleet and worked hard to get to that goal.

Shortly after Trayton turned 15 he applied to Starfleet and travelled for the first time outside his home country to San Francisco for his training. It was there that he passed and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. It was also there that Trayton encountered for the first time a bully, a second year Betazoid student named Raniel Vayne. Their first encounter was in the Quad where Trayton had happened to be studying and where Raniel and his friends were looking for trouble. He had never met them before that day or even seen him at the Academy, but Raniel immediately took offense to Trayton’s existence. It was the first of many beatings that Trayton would suffer from the Betazoid and his friends. It was because of these bullies however that Trayton turned his attention to other studies: combat. Between studying and classes, every other waking moment Trayton had was working out and honing his skills in hand-to-hand combat. Trayton’s determination to not be pushed around allowed him more freedom in his second year as his last encounter with Raniel ended in Raniel receiving a broken nose. With his new confidence Trayton began to stand out among his classmates. With his determination and high grades he was quickly cast as among the elite of the Academy. When he had finally graduated, Trayton was ranked fifth in his class and he couldn’t be happier. It didn’t take long for the new Ensign to be assigned to his first ship: The USS Majestic.

Life on the Majestic was rather easy for the young officer. On a science vessel, Trayton was able to live his dream as the Majestic was often used in Archaeology missions across the Alpha Quadrant. It wasn’t until his second year aboard the vessel that Trayton first had to step forward as a leader and a hero. While on a mission to Galor IV Trayton’s away team was cut off from the Majestic and attempted to be captured by a group of Ferengi. While Trayton and his team managed to escape, they did suffer casualties such as their team leader. Taking control of the situation, Trayton led his team into the ruins they were researching, and hid. The Majestic was forced to retreat after suffering damage from two Ferengi cruisers who deemed the ruins and everything in them their property...including the away team. After several days of cat and mouse, the Majestic had finally returned with reinforcements and was able to rescue the stranded away team. When the away team had briefed their superiors about the mission all agreed that had it not been for Trayton’s cool head and leadership that they would have either died or been captured by the Ferengi. Because of his actions Trayton was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

His Captain, impressed by his actions, had recommended Trayton for Advanced Tactical Training, which Trayton was more then happy to accept. Much to his own surprise, Trayton found himself enjoying the course more than his archaeology. He enjoyed it so much that not only did he excel in the course, ranking third in his class, but it also helped Trayton pick a new career path. Trayton wanted to be a Captain. Trayton wanted his own Starship. Even though he still loved Exoarchaeology, it no longer held the same luster for him and Trayton began to focus full time on becoming a Command Officer.

After completing the course, Trayton had been promoted again to full Lieutenant. It was during this time that he also put in a request for a transfer to another vessel, one that would allow him to grow out of his role as a scientist to leader. It was then that the young Lieutenant was reassigned to the USS Valdemar as their new Tactical Officer and Chief of Security. On the Valdemar, he was quick to impress his superiors and quicker to make friends. It was on the Valdemar that Trayton began to feel more comfortable in his evolving role as leader as he got to enjoy the ‘Big Chair’ during the night shifts after passing his Bridge Officer’s Test in his first year. The Valdemar spent most of it’s time patrolling the Cardassian/Federation Boarder. It was here that the young Lieutenant once again had to step up and show that he was one of Starfleet’s best officers. It was only five years after he had arrived on the Valdemar that the ship received a distress call from a Cardassian Colony, but what they did not know what that it was indeed a trap. When the ship had entered orbit of the planet they started rescue protocols. Several away teams, one of which under Trayton’s command, arrived on planet only to find an ambush waiting for them. Many of Trayton’s friends died before his very eyes in those first ten minutes. Those that were left managed to flee and had managed to put up a resistance against the Cardassians. Led by Trayton and, who he considered to be his best friend, Lieutenant Michael Rayner the team of Federation Officers stood a solid fighting chance, but only they could hold out for so long until the Cardassians were able to capture them. It was in their captivity that Trayton and Michael became a strong emotional center for his crew members as they endured physiological and physical torture. After several months in the Cardassian camp they had finally been released. It took some time for Trayton and his crew to get over the pains they had endured, but it had also taught Trayton many valuable lessons and made him grow stronger. It was also because of his ability to show courage and keep his level head while facing such overwhelming odds that Trayton had received his promotion to Lieutenant Commander. After his promotion Trayton attended the Starfleet Command School where he was able to learn more about what was needed to be a good Captain and also gave him time to speak with some of Starfleet’s best Counsellors.

After he had finished his education at the school, he was reassigned back to the Valdemar. Resuming his role as Chief of Security and Tactical Officer, the ship again was assigned to patrol the Federation/Cardassian Border. After the Cardassians had left Terok Nor and the Bajorans took it over, Trayton found himself reassigned to the station as it’s Strategic Operations Officer. Even though he wished he could have stayed aboard the Valdemar, he was rather excited at the opportunity to try his hand aboard DS9 and hoped to be a good asset to the Starfleet Administration there.



  • Trayton's parents are the foremost experts in Exoarchaeology in the Federation.
  • Trayton's Godfather is Admiral Callum Valen of Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Thanks to music and vocal lessons from his grandmother, he is a skilled guitarist, saxophonist, and vocalist.
  • Knows the Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Jive, Samba, Foxtrot, and Paso Doble.
  • Due to his studying of other cultures, Trayton is fluent in Andorian, Bajoran, Giamon, Klingon, Nausicaan, Risan, Romulan, Stroyerian, Trill, and Vulcan. He is also fluent in multiple Earth languages like Cantonese, Egyptian, French, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.