Leopold Egon
"I signed up to zhis place to get avay from it all. I couldn't stand being on Earzh anymore."
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 45
Birthplace Aachen, Germany, Earth
Residence Deep Space Nine
Alias Leo, Lee
Sexual Orientation Straight
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark brown, going grey
Eye Colour Brown
Family Information
Mother Amilee Stuart (Deceased)
Father Christoph Egon (Deceased)
Siblings Julius Egon (Deceased), Wessel Egon (Deceased)
Significant Other (s) Roselle Egon (Deceased)
Other Isabelle Egon (Daughter, Deceased), Benjamin Egon (Son, Deceased)
Career Information
Affiliation Starfleet
Division Medical
Rank Ensign
Occupation Doctor
Player Information
Player Loz
Face Claim Christoph Waltz
Profile Link Here

Extended DescriptionEdit

Standing at five foot eleven, Leo is not at all an impressive man upon first meeting him. His hair, dark brown in colour, but going grey at the sides, is combed into a neat and manageable position. His eyes are a dull brown colour, and now are starting to fail him in his "older" age. when not in his uniform, he wears fairly average looking clothing, nothing too fancy, or, he will wear his uniform as he feels it is comfortable and he may be needed in the infirmary at any time, it's just easier than having to change. He is of average weight for a man his size, though a bit on the slender side.

Extended HistoryEdit

Born to unmarried parents as the youngest of three, Leo was well looked after. His father, Christoph, was a doctor, as most of his family were. His mother, Amilee, was a florist. He was raised well and his mother home schooled himself and his two elder brothers. Life was good in their hometown of Aachen, nestled between the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands. When Leo was six years old, a fire ripped through their home, the young boy and his father being the only survivors. After that, his father drifted from job to job, place to place until, when Leo was sixteen, they emigrated to the US. His father finally settled into a job and Leo finally decided he wanted to be a doctor just like his father.

Securing a place at a medical school wasn't exactly hard; Leo was a bright young man and always managed to get high marks in his lessons. He found medical school a breeze, often finding himself rather bored with it. That was until he met a young woman working at a bar near his school. Her name was Roselle, and as soon as Leo started to get to know her, he knew he wanted her to be his. They courted whilst he was doing his internship, gradually falling in love. However, Leo asked her several times to marry him, Roselle always saying he would have to wait until he graduated. Finally, after securing a job, she agreed. They married in a fairly small ceremony, preferring to keep to themselves.

Eventually, he settled into what he thought could be a normal life, until Roselle had their first child when he was 32. Her name was Isabelle and she was the apple of Leo's eye. It wasn't long after that they had their second child, Benjamin, when Leo was 38. He loved his family very much, making sure to look after them like he remembered his father doing before the fire killed his mother and two brothers. However, this happiness was not to last. Leo was away at a conference when his wife, then pregnant with their third child, and his two children were killed in a fire, just as it was when Leo was 6. Devastated, the doctor fell into a state of depression, before he realised Roselle wouldn't want him to lay around and mope for her all day. Seeing Starfleet as his only option, he entered into the Medical academy a few months after losing his family, graduating with flying colours, which he knew was because he already had experience. He is now in his first posting at Deep Space Nine.


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