Ilara Prellem
Warorphan 1
Ilara Prellem (2369)
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 13
Birthplace Cardassia Prime
Residence Deep Space Nine (temporarily), otherwise Bajor
Alias Prellem
Sexual Orientation Unknown/Undecided
Physical Information
Species Cardassian
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Family Information
Mother Ulal Prellem
Father Brelon Prellem
Siblings 0
Significant Other (s) N/A
Other Temporary legal gaurdian, Bajoran medical officer (name undecided)
Career Information
Affiliation Bajoran Government
Division N/A
Rank N/A
Occupation N/A
Player Information
Player L K R
Face Claim Ivara Baquero
Profile Link [1]


One of Prellem's most identifying features is her height, despite the fact that she still looks very young. She stands at what one would guess as 5'6, although she has a bad tendency to hunch over to make herself seem smaller. Her Cardassian neck ridges have yet to form properly, but the scuta that line the sides of one's neck have begun to look more defined. Prellem often tries to wear her hair down and pushed out of her face, it could be seen as an attempt to be more masculine, but Prellem doesn't recognize it as such. When in an area with integrated species she has a tendency to make an attempt at mimicking the facial expressions of guls she's seen images of from PADDs, or from snippets of what she remembers of her parents in public places when she was young. Although one must admit, it isn't all thathard to get her to stop for a moment.


As far as an everyday Cardassian goes, Prellem would definitely qualify as one of the more soft-spoken ones. Not that she particularly dislikes social interaction or attention from others, she in fact rather enjoys it, but she just doesn't have massive amounts to say, nor does she feel like she's old enough to be confident in what she does have to say. As said before, she tries to look like a presentable and well-composed Cardassian citizen, but it is admittedly quite easy to make her break character and be herself, although this does depend on who you are and how you treat her. Especially when someone mentions one of two things, her home world and books. She's been said to damn near literally light-up when the conversation moves towards those subjects.


In 2356, Ilara Prellem was born in the capital city of Cardassia Prime. From all her own recollections, which she's tried so hard to keep with her, she actually recalls a good deal of the time spent over there. This definitely did not make things all the easier for her when it came time for her to adjust to a new environment. It was when she was five that they moved to Bajor, her mother seemed most insistent on going to Bajor, while she remembers her father being opposed. Prellem got it into her head that her father has undoubtedly right for being against the move, seeing as how she would still be with her original parents if she'd just stayed on Cardassia Prime. She was told that it was during a mishap with the Bajoran resistance, a good deal of Cardassians had to leave and it was said that if her parents hadn't boarded that ship right then, they would've never boarded any transport for the rest of their time. This happened when she was about seven or so, and it was when she was introduced to the Musilla Province's own small orphanage.

Under the occupation, the conditions of the orphanage were not good in the least. The food was of poor quality and there was absolutely no funding to make improvements. But Prellem got along swimmingly with a good deal of the other children, and she puttered on through. For a number of years she kept the thought in her mind that her parents would walk through the gates one day and take her back to her home. Perhaps they'd take another trip to that statue in the Tarlak sector that she clearly recalled playing around. But there were rarely visitors, and even when there were, they certainly were not pleased to see her. Although it took a deal of time, Prellem accepted that they weren't returning, and that there was a possibility that the transport hadn't even made it back home. There was one evening where the realizations in her head all hit her at once, and a bout of sobbing ensued, where she had to be comforted by one of the volunteers. Quite an embarrassing turn of events.

Just within the amount of time it had been since the Cardassians fully pulled out of Bajor, the living conditions improved. More donations were made, and much larger amount of visitors would come each week. It was also the first time a volunteer tried to locate Prellem's family. But of course, no information was given at all. The volunteer would've left it alone afterwards, but she was assigned as a medical officer onto the former Terok Nor. Even if it was just a space station, it was more Cardassian that Bajor was, and this volunteer took pity on the young girl. If Prellem had been older she would've recognized it and been offended, but her Cardassian pride hadn't developed so far yet. She more than willingly went along with the volunteer, even though the woman had said that it would only be until she got another transfer. Prellem found that it would be good enough for her.