DellaShrin zh'Miir
Ooh, shiny!
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 28
Birthplace Andoria
Residence Andorian freighter KallaShrin, captain's quarters
Alias Dell, Captain Miir
Sexual Orientation omnisexual?
Physical Information
Species Andorian
Sex & Gender Zhen
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Blue
Family Information
Mother Tyras and Nuvri
Father Kreshlor and Shrias
Siblings five older, one younger
Significant Other (s) none
Other Emrys Arcadia, Cousin
Career Information
Affiliation Andorian Fleet
Division Shipping
Rank Captain
Occupation Freighter Captain
Player Information
Player Emily / Kawashima
Face Claim Face Claim
Profile Link Behold!


-Emrys Arcadia, adopted cousin