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Because of her history, Amity is generally strong. She doesn’t respond well to authority and can become very combative when she feels as if she’s being judged due to her racial heritage. Those things aside though, she’s generally a nice person, once one gets to know her and can see beyond her mixed heritage.


Amity was born in 2346 to a single mother, Jie Liu, in Beijing on Earth. Raised primarily by her grandparents, Amity experienced a lot of difficulties as a child due to her mixed heritage. Despite that she participated in things such as ballet and track, primarily. At the age of sixteen she stopped ballet after a rather harsh incident involving her and the girls at the new studio she’d transferred to. At the age of 16 she finished her high school studies, ranking 4 the top ten of scores in Asian continent.

At 21 Amity learned from her mother that her father wasn’t who her mother had said he was. Growing up she believed him to be a soldier and her mother’s intended who died, however Jie finally told her the truth, which was that she was the result of a short affair with a married Cardassian soldier. After doing as much searching as she could, Amity finally moved to the new Federation station, Deep Space 9, in hopes that being closer to Cardassian space may affront her a better opportunity to find out who her father actually was.